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What is this?

Bootstrap Toolkit is a list of tools that will help you bootstrap your startup. They are tagged based on their features, in order to make it easier to find a tool that will help you.

How to use it?

Using Bootstrap Toolkit is very easy and fast. You will receive a mail in your inbox with a link to the database. Once you click it, it will open the list. You can now sort it, seach a name or author, filter it etc.

How can I filter it?

On the top left of the page there is a button called "Filter". Press it and click "New filter". Now choose the column you want to use as a filter and what you want to incluce/exclude/etc. Also, there is a search option on the right top corner.

What do I get with the subscription?

If you subscribe to Bootstrap Toolkit, you will have access to the database and monthly updates with new tools and features!

How often is it updated?

Bootstrap Toolkit is updated once a month. I will try to add new updates every first of the month.

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